Welcome Note

You are WELCOME to the University of Policy Science website. Whether you are someone wishing to obtain an academic qualification that will open the gate to a secure professional career or whether you are someone already established in a career or vocation, you will find the University a Companion unlike any other. 


John Salako (now known and recognised as Reverend John Salako) discovered Policy Science on December 14 1990, in the small Essex Town of South Woodham Ferrers., England. At the time of the Discovery he defined POLICY SCIENCE as the

"Method of formulating, interpreting and implementing policies under various bureaucratic procedures"

He registered his Discovery with the then Department of Education and Science and also with the then Social Science Research Council, in Swindon. 

In May 1999 his definition of POLICY SCIENCE was adopted by the compilers of the Universal English Dictionary at page 1189. 

Over the years he has done more work on his Discovery, and that has resulted in modifying his founding aim, including the definition and the true purpose and effects of Policy Science in academia and in the mainstream society. 

To summarise, the Reverend Prays and hopes that the University  will occupy a unique position in the world of learning and in the mainstream society. 

POLICY SCIENCE qua Science is available in all aspects of human interactions, at home, at work, in corporations, in institutions, and between governments and people.  Hence the maxim that UPS is well and truly Primus Inter Pares. 

UPDATED 12 December 2020