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Temple Diary

The planned Temple


During Worship, Morning Devotion or Bible Study, "Student Teacherss" shall be assigned to go into the "Witness Box" to read passages from the Holy Bible.


There shall be held 2-3 hours Meeting of Temple workers for a Discussion of Orthodox Theological Interpretation of some of the challenges we face in different nation states

The TEMPLE shall be open to PILGRIMS from different parts of the world, as follows:

MAY 13 - 19th May

JULY 26 - 29th July

DECEMBER 25 - 28th December

  • Officiating Ministers shall be called "Teachers"
  • The most senior "teacher" shall be called "Minister"
  • Members of staff shall be called "Temple Attendants"
  • The Administrator shall be called "Temple Manager"
  •  During Worship, the Scripture shall be read from the "Witness Box" by "Temple Attendant", i.e "Usher" "Deacon" or "Deaconess".

A Teacher from an established Faith has made a suggestion, that calls for second, third, fourth OPINION. He writes:

"Have you thought about a weekly online Zoom Bible Study and Interpretation Class?". He goes on: "Pick a few Scriptures to disseminate and interpret for members only.  Perhaps spend a week in advance researching links between Scriptures and the world as we know it".

Share your own views on the subject raised by the unnamed Teacher. And May God richly bless you.

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