1] In the context of the so-called Chinese Orchestrated Virus In December 2019 [aka COVID-19 the focus of clinicians, doctors and nursing staff is on the ethnicity of the patient

3] In the general context of Biosciences, an Illness or Disease or Virus shall be classified or categorized under one of four different headers

4] In the general context of geological and environmental sciences, Nature shall not be encroached upon under any circumstances

5] In the general context of biotechnology, Deoxyribonucleid acid manipulation is forbidden

6] Where a Disease is unrecognised and undocumented, the patient’s blood group and any allergy peculiarly idiosyncratic of that blood group shall form the basis of his or her treatment

7] The Faiths are governed by their own Articles and the overseer of a Church, Mosque or Temple, is not the owner the Spirit of God is the Foundation

8] The unprecedented loss of lives in the US, UK, Italy and in other parts of the world outside China pointed in the direction of a CHINESE ALLIANCE OF COUNTRIES AGAINST AFRICA C.A.C.A.A

9] The Chinese domination of pharmaceutical, medicines medical products and accessories means that clinicians, doctors and nursing staff risk the lives of their patients due to inadequate paradigm shift

10] The sum total of measures in place to minimize risks from the Chinese Orchestrated Virus in December 2019 impinge upon the quality of life of peoples around the world

1] WHETHER in 2018, in WUHAN, HUBEI PROVINCE, CHINA, SAMGUK PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY Limited, its Board of Directors, Executives, Officers, and Agents inside and outside China, conspired together with a body of persons inside and outside the Peoples Republic of China, to manufacture a poisonous substance that would impact adversely against a person's respiratory system;

2] WHETHER in October 2018 the World Health Organisation, Samguk Pharmaceutical Company Limited of Wuhan, Hubei Province of China, the IMF, IOM, UNDP and Prof. Dr. Martin Stratmann Präsident der Max Planck Gesellschaft did not propose to launch an attack on the African Continent from Ghana and Senegal

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