'!!!Bio-Scientists would argue that opposite attracts opposite as though we are dealing with magnetic fields. They would also argue that Chromosome X + Chromosome Y should signpost the arrival of a baby boy or girl. But since God made it clear that the Marriage of a female to a male is 1 + 1 = 1, I have my doubts that our eminent Professors Emeritus of Bio-Sciences are beyond reproach. LOGO3.jpg, Aug 2020 The little girl in my dream is a Reward from God to me - A Testimony

Some years ago a couple aged 30-something years each moved to the house next door to ours. Shortly after they moved in I would see a little girl in my head whilst I was asleep in my bed. On other occasions, she would appear in front of me whilst I closed my eyes during Prayer.

My wife told me that she too, knew all about the little girl. She too, had seen her on many occasions. In the Scriptures, JEREMIAH Chapter 1 verse 5, God said:

Before I formed you in the womb I know you, Before you were born I sanctified you, I ordained you a prophet to the nations

At a point in time we travelled out. But the little girl followed us wherever we went. On one occasion my wife saw the little girl in her head while she was asleep in our bed. She watched the little girl as she successfully crawlled up the stairs and entered our bedroom. According to my wife, she picked the little girl up and took her back to the bottom of the stairs! I asked her, WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR? AND WHY DID YOU DO THAT? She could not explain.

After these events we returned to the country. About 2 months later, the couple living next door to us had a baby girl. The couple asked me to please organise a NAMING CEREMONY for their baby. I granted them their request. I named the child appropriately.


On our return we did not see the couple next door for some weeks. Then, one day, as I stood in front of the gate, I saw the mother of the baby that I named, 15 months earlier. It was around 12 noon, in broad day light. She was walking very fast towards the gate. And then, she disappeared. It was her spirit that I saw.

I knew straightaway that wherever she was, she was knocking on the gate of death. I went back into the house and I began to plead before God for her salvation. I pleaded that whatever the size of her transgressions or iniquities God should heal her of her afflictions I prayed.

A couple of weeks later, I was standing outside the door of our house. I looked in the direction of the gate and I saw the woman, smartly dressed, entered the gate. and walked straight towards the house that she shared with her husband. I knew straightaway that, wherever she was, the spirit of death had taken possession of her soul.

I walked into our house. I began to Pray, and Pray, and Pray. Since tears were coming down my face, I glorified the Name of the Lord, and magnified His Name and I knew that as I Prayed and wept the Holy Spirit was cleansing her.

That evening the woman's husband returned to their house. I told him what happened in the day, He told me that his wife was very ill, etcetera, etcetera. I told him that by Divine Grace, Power and Authority vested in me, by virtue of the Anointing, her spirit has returned to her body and All is well.


Three months later, the husband, the wife and their two little girls returned to their dwelling next door to ours. As the second girl grew she began to demonstrate some unique prowess, undocumented, unseen and unheard of in this generation.

The father of the child began to question his wife..... HOW COME THE BABY LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE THE REVEREND?


The father of the baby coudn't ask me. I, too, was very anxious to find the answer to this Sign and Wonder.

So I raised the issue in Prayer. I don't know how to Pray as such. But I know how to present my case before God. And I further know how to represent the interests of my fellow human beings before God.

I asked God in the Name of Jesus for the identity of the little next door. Who is she, I asked. After the end of my Prayer at 4 am, I went back to bed. It was dark in the room. I held my Bible to my chest. I turned it this way and that way, I opened a page. I had my eyes closed. I placed the Page that I opened on my chest. I went back to sleep.

In the morning, I looked at the Page that I opened after my Prayer and in darkness. The Page details the lifestyle of a person in the Bible. And the name of the person in the Bible is the name given to the little girl, who looks like me, and carries herself like an elderly person!


God has absolute control over the unborn in the womb. Because He is the same God who forms the unborn in the womb. He is the same God who designs the form and shape of the unborn before his or her arrival.

Don't falsely accuse your wife of infidelity if the child that comes out of her womb looks like someone else. What, then, if that baby is a Gift from God to His servant for the Prayer of salvation Prayed over the woman, at a time when her soul had departed from her body?

God always reward His servants appropriately. God never ever forgets the good works done by His servants.

This Testimony is true. Its interpretation is not in doubt. It confirms and reinforces the awesome Power and Authority of the Living God. Remember, those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty God.

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Remain blessed in Jesus Mighty Name (c) Rev. John Salako