As an Orthodox Theologian and Servant of God, verily I say until any leader of government business anywhere in the world that he or she will lose at the polls if he or she is seeking re-election while the so-called COVID-19 is being used to control the people of any named country

And if, by stealth he or she wins, his or her reign shall be short.

My name is Reverend John Salako. I am the Minister-Founder of the OPEN DOOR TEMPLE, the one and only Non-Denominational House of God on this earth wherein many Nations, many Roots, Many Faiths can assemble before God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit, for their individual salvation.

The OPEN DOOR TEMPLE is also a platform for Orthodox Theological Interpretation of challenges that we face in our world today

In the Scriptures we are made to understand that "The earth is the LORD"s , and all its fullness; The world and those who dwell therein ; For He has founded it upon the seas And established it upon the waters"

Hear me. Hear the Spirit talking. A mere NGO by the name WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, formed an alliance of human hatred with others unknown. The purpose of the alliance is to reduce the population of Black people and people of mixed race wherever they can be found.

The Chinese, with a population of 1,6 billion people, will soon run out of space to build, even a chamber and hall. The decision was made at the Directors' level of the World Health Organisation to manufacture a poisonous substance that would impact adversely on the respiratory system of any human being.

The Chinese Company that was chosen to manufacture the poisonous substance is known as SAMGUK PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY LIMITED OF WUHAN, HUBEI PROVINCE, CHINA.

The alphanumeric "COVID-19" means CHINESE ORCHESTRATED VIRUS IN DECEMBER 2019". Something "orchestrated" is something planned. But in this case, SAMGUK PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY LIMITED did not manufacture the poisonous substance that was planned.

__AFRICA WAS THE TARGET OF THE SO-CALLED CORONAVIRUS __ Africa is the oldest Continent in the world. God created the Continent of Africa before any other Continent. Why then, do we have a scenario situation involving African Leaders going everywhere with begging bowls?

The answer is in the Scriptures. In Genesis Chapter 25, we learn how, Rebecca, the wife of Isaac, was expecting twins, she noticed that the twins were fighting inside her womb. She sought explanation from God the Holy Spirit.

In Verse 23 the Lord said to her ...... Two nations are in your womb Two peoples shall be separated from your body One people shall be stronger than the other And the older shall serve the younger.

Esau was the older. Verily I say unto you the Continent of Africa is the oldest Continent. Esau was older than Jacob. Even though Esau and Jacob were twins, the one who emerges from the womb, is the older. According to the Yoruba tradition, the one who emerges first from the womb "tastes life first" before his brother or sister that follows.

But in Hebrews Chapter 12 Verse 16, we hear the following words

"Lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau , who for one morsel of food sold his birthright'

Thus says the Lord of Hosts

"Any Leader of government business anywhere in the world who believes that coronavirus is real, and proceeds to punish the citizens by introducing lockdown of institutions, businesses, borders, airports, seaports, and by injecting people with poisonous vaccines, compelling people to wear nose mask. compelling them to sanitise hands DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN AT THE POLLS"

Thus says the Lord of Hosts

"If any such Leader of Government business wins at the Polls, his or her reign would not last the full term"

Hear me O God I pray. It is for this purpose that I am sent.

Practically all the Leaders of government business in this world receive financial handouts from the World Health Organisation, International Monetary Fund, International Organisation for Migration, World Bank, and from other sources to do evil. But God is watching.

I say to those leaders of government business everywhere, who are seeking re-election, hear what the Spirit says. This world is owned by God. Live and Let Live.

(c) Reverend John Salako Minister-Founder of the OPEN DOOR TEMPLE Friday, 04 December 2020