One of the many challenges that we face in this world of ours, is WOMAN GETTING MARRIED TO WOMAN, MAN GETTING MARRIED TO MAN!

May his soul rest in peace. Towards the end of his life, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe was asked if he would support an Amendment of the Constitution via the Introduction of SINGLE-SEX UNION.

Mugabe responded. "Oh, why not? A woman can marry another woman. A man can marry a man. But we shall have a condition inscribed in the Constitution; namely, if there's no birth within one year of the marriage, both couple would lose their heads."


Single-sex union is an abomination. There should be no room in the hearts of mankind for this sinful act. After all that happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, do we need SODOM AND GOMORRAH LAWS in this world?

Three-quarters of the countries of the world, are into single-sex union. See the List. I ask myself a simple question - "What does the future hold for mankind, having regard to the popularity of Sodom and Gomorrah Laws on the Statute Book of many countries"?

The future may be uncertain but the end result for practitioners of single-sex unions whoever they are and wherever they are, can never be a subject of debate or discussion.


I prophesy the coming of a disease that no bio-sciences, no advances in human intellectual prowess can cure. There is still time for those practitioners and advocates of single-sex union whoever they are, wherever they are, to abandon that which GOD forbids.

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