LOGO3A.jpg, Sep 2020In Austria, a housewife who has been praying for the fruit of the womb began to lament the COVID-19 fiasco. She said -

"My husband, my father, my everything, this bed is 4 by 4. Those WHO people say we should not be too close. How are we going to sleep 6 feet apart on a bed that is 4ft by 4ft?" Her husband replied:

"My wife, my sister, my everything else, Did Adam not say of Eve, you are the flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone... this bed is 4ft by 4ft, Inasmuch as I am 6ft. 8 inches tall you are 5ft 10 inches tall, we cannot do social distancing in this bed which is 4ft. by 4 ft.

My people in Kampala, in Abuja, in Chicago, In Tashkent, in Saudi Arabia, In Tel Aviv, in Ukraine, in Dublin, in Reigate, in Peacehaven have bombarded me with their own evidence of the collapse of social distancing in the bedrooms across national frontiers! Let the goddess of nemesis of Costa Rica be made aware of the collapse of social distancing in our bedrooms.

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