Let us go through this together I = Individual B = Belief V = Virus

If the Individual believes in the Virus, we say

  • I + B + V

If the individual does not believe in the existence of the Virus, we say

  • I +NB = Non-Believer

Therefore, even if the Virus does not exist, the fact that the "I" believes that it exists, would result in the "I" being consumed one way or the other, not necessarily by a Virus

However, if the "I" does not believe in the existence of the Virus, no matter how endemic or pandemic no Virus or disease will touch or go near the "I"

See the Scriptures - John 3:16


In October 2019 and on 23rd February 2020 the Holy Spirit revealed to me, in my head while I was asleep in my bed the images of the FUNGUS given the name COVID-19

The alphanumeric COVID-19 means Chinese Orchestrated Virus In December 2019. "Orchestrated" in this context means "Planned". I discuss this matter in detail in my Book "COVID-19 Analysis of message from God to governments and institutions ISBN 978-1-873156-33-9 @ 45 Pounds and published on 22 May 2020. 20,000 copies of the 320-page Book is gathering dust at the Printers because I do not have the money to cover the printing cost.

In the meantime, Italian Doctors exposed the WHO'S dishonesty over the so-called "COVID-19 pandemic" Watch the Video and be Judge and Jury.


The WHO is a Non-governmental Organisation NGO and yet the Executive Directors of that Organisation succeeded, by stealth, to seize Power and Authority from Governments across the whole world. How could this happen? And why did it happen? I will not lie to you. As old as I am, I wept when I saw the images of the UK Houses of Parliament, without a soul within!!

My next question: How many of those Executive Directors and staff of the WHO sneezed, coughed, even for 5 seconds during the so-called COVID-19 pandemic? Is COVID-19 so selective that it did not touch any of them?

God is watching.


Our world depends upon the Chinese for pharmaceutical products, medicines, medical products and accessories. The same Chinese race is the same race of 1.6 billion people that will soon run of land to house themselves.

Throughout my investigations into the deaths of thousands of Black people and people of mixed race in different parts of the world, I discovered that the blood group of the patients were never determined before drugs were administered.

Supposing a person doesn't have TB, yet on admission, the Doctors gave him or her streptomycin injection.... what then? Would that patient live or die?

Supposing a patient was asthmatic, the oxygen cylinder made available in all cases contained gas, of the type used to kill 6 million Jews during the Second World War.

There is no way that a disease can take the lives of 2,000 people in one day. It is NOT possible. People were murdered in the name of COVID-19 but NOT by COVID-19


The Chinese Company that "Orchestrated" the Virus in December 2019 is SAMGUK PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY LIMITED of Wuhan.. That Company and the Chinese Government have a case to answer before God. You can read all about SAMGUK in my Book.

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Rev. John Salako Minister Founder, OPEN DOOR TEMPLE Author, COVID-19 Analysis of message from God to governments and institutions