LOGO3.jpg, Aug 2020In the light of the aforesaid therefore, the World Health Organisation, a mere NGO; turned our world upside down, by sowing FEAR in the hearts of the people of this generation, FEAR of imminent death from an undocumented virus code-named COVID-19.

But verily I say unto you that a coward normally dies several times in advance of his time to die. This is so because the pillar upon which FEAR is laid is gullibility. The one standing in the middle of the street, who is about to be hit by a car, which is 100 yards away, is already a dead man standing! Because he believes in the imminent arrival of death in any event. However, in a circumstance where gullibility has not taken control, death would remain dead wherever it is coming from.


In the context of the undocumented "coronavirus", the Executive Directors and Staff of the World Heath Organisation made sure that FEAR of death and DEATH itself are joined together, as if from birth, with the concomitant result that wherever "coronavirus" is found, therein death is found also.

In effect, FEAR gave birth to GULLIBILITY and GULLIBILITY gave birth to death.


SOME 40 YEARS ago, one of my children was so much bookish in everything to the extent that he decided to experiment what it meant to be a beggar, living rough on the street.

But what made my blood boil was the fact that he chose to experience begging on the pavement directly opposite my business premises, even though nobody recognised him as one of my children. He would sit there, from around 9am, wearing a dirty, stinking coat, and a tray by his side.

After a whole week of that nonsense, I called my other children. I told them I was going to kill one of them, on that day. They warned me - "Dad, they will send you to prison if you kill one of us".

"That wouldn't be your concern, whatever they do to me".

So, on the day, we all stood in front of my premises. I called the young fellow.  I asked him "Are you really mad?  Are you truly tired of your life? Do you really want to continue to go around, looking like a proverbial ragamuffin? Today, I am going to put you out of your misery. I am going to kill you, my son".

He didn't utter a word. He looked at me as if I had four heads.

I said to him: "Stand up. Stand up. Stand in the middle of the road. I will go into my car. I will accelerate as I approach you and I will knock you down. I will ask God to forgive me for killing you. But there is no other way. I have to let you go to hell ..... maybe you wouldn't have to beg for anything when you arrive there"

Looking back, I remember thinking that he wanted to laugh, but he didn't. He walked like an imbecile about to sit on a tricycle. He stood in the middle of the road, motionless. I walked to my car. I entered my car. I asked God for forgiveness.

As I accelerated towards him, he jumped clear! His siblings were laughing. The young fellow shouted - "Dad, so you would have killed me, I thought you were joking!"


The Italian Doctors have exposed the WHO to ridicule over the subject of COVID-I9. It wasn't the disease that led to the deaths of so many people across national frontiers. Replace COVID-19 Pandemic with GULLIBILITY Pandemic and you have found the reasons for those deaths.

May God have mercy on us.

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