September 2020 (7)

Monday, 28 September, 2020

COVID-19 - A wake-up call for African Presidents Part 2

index.jpg, Sep 2020

In my OPEN LETTER to African Leaders the emphasis was on the sale of birthright for the sake of money, just like Esau who sold his birthright because he was hungry! index.jpg, Sep 2020

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Sunday, 27 September, 2020

COVID-19 - A wake-up call for African Presidents

index.jpg, Sep 2020

I reproduce below copy of an OPEN LETTER that I sent to all of the 55 Presidents on the Continent of Africa. The Letter speaks for itselfindex.jpg, Sep 2020

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A reminder for everyone

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In creating the OPEN DOOR TEMPLE as the one and only Non-Denominational House of GOD ON Earth, I informed everyone that the TEMPLE is also a Platform for Orthodox Theological Interpretation of the many challenges that we face in our world today.index.jpg, Sep 2020

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Sunday, 20 September, 2020

We have to build the Temple!

index.jpg, Sep 2020

index.jpg, Sep 2020 In the Scriptures 1 King Chapter 5:5 King Solomon sent a message back to Hiram King o Tyre, saying "But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side, there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence"

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Saturday, 12 September, 2020

Research Topics for COVID-19 Investigators

LOGO3A.jpg, Sep 2020

Orthodox Theological interpretation of human activities is a good thing. It is a sine qua non in the proper administration of the Three Arms of State of a Nation'. This premise holds where a Servant of God, not under compulsion deems fit to share understanding founded and established upon wisdom that is not readily available to the general public, with governors and rulers of a nation state.

COVID-19 (320-page Analysis of message from God to governments and institutions ISBN 978-1-873156-33-9 was published on May 22, 2020. It is gathering dust at the Printers because I don't have the finance to pay the Printers.

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I believe that God rewards us according to our good works, what do you believe?

LOGO3.jpg, Aug 2020

Even before Darwin's Theory of Evolution, there were people in the Ancient days who set out to explain the Signs and Wonders surrounding the presence of mankind on this Planet of ours. But is it not beyond human Comprehension or Understanding how and why a female can give birth to a baby who does not resemble the father or the mother and does not even share anything in common with his or her biological parents?

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Thursday, 10 September, 2020

Who is who in the W.H.O?

Two mentally disturbed persons were standing at 2.45 pm and the other 3.15 pm positions. In between them there is a garbage can. The both of them approached the garbage can. The both of them dipped their four hands into the garbage can.

The one who approached the garbage can from 3.15 pm position, found a screw driver. The one who approached the garbage can from 2.45 pm position found a stamp and had a date on it - 1066 AD.

The two persons looked at each other. And without a word by way of Exchange, each returned to his position and kept watch.

Less than an hour later , two men loaded the garbage can into a tipper and as they drove to the edge of a hill, the garbage can rolled from the tipper into a well, never to be seen again.

Is there anyone among you, ready, able and willing to help me with the Interpretation of this Wisdom. And what do you think possibly happened to the persons who found themselves on the dark, dark side of sanity?

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